WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes

So you’ve got your WordPress site up and running and are now ready to customize! Don’t be overwhelmed. We know there are a lot of different options out there – and don’t even get us started on coding- so we’ve rounded up some of the best wordpress themes for your blog that are easy-to-install and can be customized with little-to-no coding skills required.

1. Genesis/Studiopress Framework

This theme is actually a parent framework, which means its a general template from which more customized themes branch out. Many of the themes built for WordPress are “child themes” of the Genesis Framework. While you can certainly use the Genesis Framework as your blog’s theme, we recommend using a child theme as they allow might work better for the type of blog you are building i.e. DIY, Food, Fashion etc..

Something you should note is that most Genesis child themes require you to also install the Genesis Framework. This definitely drives costs up, but Genesis child/parent themes are reliable, oftentimes easy to customize and have great customer support. There’s so many fantastic themes over on StudioPress that we wouldn’t even know where to begin, but here are some of the more popular options:

Foodie Pro – great for food bloggers especially those who focus on recipes as it includes a recipe page template

Daily Dish Pro – perfect for any blogger who is photography focused and requires big spaces for pictures

Swank Theme – also very photography focused and has a great gallery option for anyone looking to show off a portfolio

Executive Pro – great for bloggers looking to sell a product or service

Runway Pro – everything a fashion blogger could need. Also great for fitness or other lifestyle-based blogs.

Modern Blogger – very easy to customize and great layout for the lifestyle or DIY blogger

*There are also tons of extra custom Genesis child themes on Etsy. They don’t necessarily have Genesis’ seal of approval on them but they can still be great, though you should note that you will still have to purchase the Genesis Framework to use them.

2. Elegant Themes

The benefit to elegant themes is their price. They charge $69 for ALL of their themes which is over 80 of them! This allows you to try out different themes and find one that fits.

The downside to elegant themes is that they aren’t as easy to customize as Genesis child themes typically are. However, they have tons of themes to choose from so if there’s one that fits exactly what you’re looking for, then this might be the place for you.

3. The Thesis Theme from DIYthemes

DIYthemes has developed an awesome theme called Thesis that is one of the most customizable themes on the market. For bloggers who aren’t comfortable with any coding and don’t want to hired out, the Thesis theme is your answer. It’s built to allow for customizations through “skin” layers and drag and point boxes so those little changes that would typically take hours to code can now be done in seconds.

If you’re looking for an extra custom site or one that goes beyond what a standard blog/website looks like then Thesis won’t be for you, but if you’re not too caught up on the template and don’t need a specific layout than the Thesis Theme could be your answer.

4. Angie Makes Themes

Described as “pretty” and “feminine”, Angie Makes themes are definitely more for the DIY/Fashion/Girly blogger. They’re well-designed, easy-to-customize and have some awesome layouts if you’re looking for a female edge.

5. Theme Forest

Theme Forest is a marketplace for individual theme developers. Similar to Etsy, but specifically for WordPress themes. There are some great finds in here if you’re looking for something super specific. They aren’t as easy to code -or find coders- to customize these, but sometimes you can hire the theme developer to make specific changes you might be looking for. Great if you have a very particular idea in mind and none of the theme houses have what you are looking for.