Tutorial: Setting Up a Blog Using Bluehost

Tutorial: Setting Up a Blog Using Bluehost

STEP 1: Go to Bluehost.com and Click on “Get Started Now.”

STEP 2: search for your preferred domain name, or transfer an existing domain name you have through another provider.

STEP 3: Fill out your account information . Easy peasy.

STEP 4: choose your desired package. The more years you purchase at a time, the cheaper per month you will receive. The great part about purchasing through Bluehost is that your domain name is included if you purchase a hosting package!

There is no need to check any of the boxes.

STEP 5: Fill out the billing information. Once you’re done with that, chick the box and CLICK NEXT.

STEP 6: At this point, you both purchased your new website and hosting. Now it’s time to create a WordPress account! All of this can be done inside of Bluehost. This is great because it will sync everything up. Click on hosting in the upper-left hand corner. Then, scroll down to Website Builders and click WordPress.

STEP 7: At this point you can either start a brand new install (if your site is brand new) or important your existing blog (ie: if you were a .blogspot.com or a .wordpress.com)

STEP 8: Type in the domain name that you just purchased and click Check Domain.

STEP 9: Click Show Advanced Options and fill out your website’s information. NOTE: This will be the information you use to login to the backend of your site to create new blog posts and access your dashboard.

It’s installing!!!

STEP 10: Once you’ve gotten your WordPress account created and blog installed inside of it you can exit out of this process and do the rest inside of your WordPress Dashboard which will be: yourdomainname.com/wp-admin.