Designers We Love

Designers We Love

Whether you want to hire a designer to bring your brand to life, to redesign your website, to customize a theme, or design your e-book layout, you are on your way to making your brand more professional and user-friendly. At The Blogger Project, we think that working with a design professional is one of the best investments than can be made for any blog or small business. Here are a list of designers that we have personally worked with and recommend 100%!

Melissa Rose Design

Melissa Rose Design is a young and talented designer based out of Des Moines Iowa. Melissa specializes not only in web design and branding, but also in food and product styling. Her work is bright and vibrant and is an excellent designer to work with if you’d like a full site re-design or custom branding.

Check her out: Website | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram

Lemon and Lapis

From graphic design to branding, Amanda from Lemon and Lapis is fabulous Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN-based designer. She is the brilliant mind behind the TBP logo and style-guide. Her style is professional and bold and she can really bring a brand to life through design!

Check her out: Website | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter


Love the branding and design of SHEuncovered? Julie is the mastermind behind the vision of the website and brand. Julie has a whimsical, elegant style and specializes in watercolor and hand drawn elements. She is a Genesis pro and has done multiple sites using the new Foodie Pro Theme.

Check her out: Website | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter

Anchored Design

Have an amazing product but need help building your e-commerce store/landing page? The Anchored Design Team is the mastermind behind TBP’s store and product landing pages. They specialize in user experience and have great customer service! Check out all of their services here. 

Check them out: Website | Pinterest | Twitter

99 Designs

99Designs is a crowdsourcing platform for graphic designers and individuals and businesses seeking graphic designers. How it works is by selecting the package you are looking for (logo, web design, business cards etc..) and graphic designers within their community each take a stab at the design you are looking for. You then select which one you like best. They guarantee at least 25 designers for each project which gives you many options to choose from. It’s a great model for people who aren’t entirely certain what they are looking for and want a lot of options rather than just a single designer’s style.

Check them out: Website | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter